Life Changers: Drew Tewell’s Story – The Power of Words

Image by Nina J.G. via Creative Commons

Image by Nina J.G. via Creative Commons

Drew TewellBio: Recruiter, author and blogger Drew Tewell helps people navigate the world of work. He has helped hundreds of individuals in all walks of life with work and professional development. Drew is the author of the book, The Dream Job Program. You can read his blog and follow him on Twitter.


The Power of Words

“I always knew there was something special about you.”

I was 21 years old and had just started working in a new profession. I was visiting my Grandparents out of state. I don’t remember what we were talking about, but I’ll never forget those words that my Grandpa spoke to me that day.

I’m now 35 years old, and when I need to, I can still draw strength and encouragement from those words. My Grandpa passed away 10 years ago. But those words he spoke to me live on.

Words are powerful. With them people can build us up, or tear us down. And with them we also can encourage others or say things that are hurtful.

How my life changing experience can change your life:


Take a few minutes today to remember something nice or encouraging that someone has said to you. Or maybe you have a card or other note that someone wrote to encourage you. Take a little time to read it again today.


John Maxwell has what he calls, “The Thirty Second Rule.” Whenever you begin an interaction with anyone throughout your day, within the first thirty seconds, say something positive about them. This could be a compliment about what their wearing, praise for the work that they recently did, or whatever other nice thing you want to say about them. Try to practice The Thirty Second Rule this week.


Think about a relationship in your life that you could speak more positively in. For the next month, do your best to only say things that build that person up. Then make it a habit to do the same for another person, each month.

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