Be Your Secret Self


In his new book Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work that Matters, Wall Street Journal best-selling (or is that best selling?) author Jon Acuff takes readers on a journey down the path to Awesome.

Near the very center of the book, Jon shares a story of great value involving his musician friend Thad Cockrell, and a new project named “Leagues.” Jon describes how Thad reached out to everyone that would be involved with this project and instructed them to be their “Secret Selves.”

What is a “Secret Self?” First of all, this is not the New Age concept involving 12 houses or 17 Apartments, or even your non-superhero alter ego.  My Secret Self is the best of me, not just the best of who I am today, but the best of who I can be. Dr. Suess said “No one is more you-er than you.”

We all have a unique set of skills and abilities, there has never existed in history, and there never will be in the future, anyone who is exactly you. This makes you special beyond measure.

Now a part of making this happen requires homework. To be the very best version of yourself, you need to spend some time learning who you are. This is also a lifelong process, but the benefits to yourself are unrivaled, and the value you can give to others when you are maximizing your potential is immeasurable.

I also highly recommend picking up you own copy of Start – you need to go buy this book now. Here are 2 reasons why:

  1. It is awesome (i.e. the life changing type of awesome)
  2. It’s back in stock on now

A little note about reason number 2: apparently being out of stock on Amazon is not as good as it sounds. When books are out of stock, people can’t buy them.

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