jonathan harrison justin champman

Yesterday my Cousin-in-Law (feels more like brother in law) graduated from Suncoast High School.

Justin, we are so proud of you.

Not just for your accomplishments in graduation, and not just because you will be attending the University of Florida in the fall.

Not just for the amazing way you have volunteered your time and energy to make a difference to others.

Not just the way you have been a loving older brother to your sister, or a respectful, caring son to your parents.

Most of all, we are proud of who you are.

I remember meeting you almost 11 years ago, at your 7th Birthday Party. I have to admit, you were a pretty cool guy, even back then. It has been incredible to see you grow over the past decade. In addition to having a wonderful sense of humor, enthusiasm for life, and kindness towards others, I have always been impressed by your humility.

Thank you for including us in your celebration last night, it made Carmen and I especially proud.

It also made me feel old.

Even though I’m cool enough to appreciate the Harry Potter references in the student’s graduation speech, and social media references, I still felt old.

Enough about me.

Justin, you are a great athlete, a passionate sports enthusiast, an excellent reader, and hard working student. You have a huge heart and an amazing family who loves and supports you. We know that you have a great future ahead of you because you are making your present awesome.

Congratulations, and well done Justin.