Life Changers: Rosemary Notarantonio – Fulfillment of the Dream

Life Changers: Rosemary Notarantonio – Fulfillment of the Dream


 Rosemary Notarantonio Jon D HarrisonRosemary Notarantonio, RN, MSN, is CEO of Brentwood Meadows – a behavioral health facility specializing in the treatment of chemical dependency and mental wellness. In addition to her Bachelor of Science from the University of Central Florida and Masters of Science with a Nursing Administration Focus from Barry University, Rosemary is certified in Advanced Burn Life Support, Trauma, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Basic Life Support, Development Dimensions Leadership, and Quality Action Teams. In addition to all this, Rosemary loves to shop. You can connect with Rosemary on LinkedIn HERE.



Whenever I am faced with a seemingly impossible or insurmountable goal, my father’s words resonate in my mind: “You can accomplish anything you put your mind to.”  He then would repeat the story of his cousin who walked “miles to school”, was awarded a scholarship to attend college, worked to supplement living expenses, and because he “wanted to be a doctor” found a way to reach his goal. Did I mention that he was the son of immigrant parents who came to America from Italy?

I often think about how brave my grandparents were to leave their families, country, and culture to come to America so that their children and grandchildren “could have a better life”.  I believe that we are indebted to them and should/must do everything in our power to fulfill their dream for us.

As I look across our family I know they would be very proud of what we have accomplished, thus far.

How can my life changing experience change your life?


Every interaction you have is an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life.  It may be just a smile or other nonverbal acknowledgement, an unexpected act of kindness, or words of encouragement.  Look for someone that you can add value to today and make it “all about them.”


This week spend 5 minutes each morning thinking about the purpose of your company, or what your own contribution is. Each day, I make “rounds” on the unit and invariably a patient will make a positive comment about their care validating our work.  It affirms “why we are here.”


Identify one goal that you will make happen by the end of 2013. Begin with this goal in mind and work backwards from that point, identifying the important steps you can start working on today.  Visualize what accomplishing this goal will look like, experience what it will feel like, and verbalize it to yourself and others. Commit to doing one thing each day to make this goal a reality. Let nothing deter you.

How will YOU use Rosemary’s story to change your life?