One Way to Build Momentum at Work

Photo By: Knar Bedian

Lacking Momentum?

Author Fred Lee shares the following insight:

“Anything done at a level of high excellence, or in the pursuit of excellence, is exciting and fun. Anything done at a level of mediocrity is discouraging and boring.”

The best way to break from a lull is to improve in the areas we believe and know to be important.

In other words, when we do our best at something meaningful, it is energizing, exciting, and fun, as well as inspiring to others.

When we get better at something, we find that we love it more and more. Hard work is not a problem when you love what you do.

“Nothing inspires like success. There is nothing like becoming excellent at something to meet our basic drive for competence, and feed our deep hunger for meaning and growth.”

 How can you bring a level of excellence to what you are doing today?