The Five Words My Father Told Me


Joe, Jonathan, & Dante Harrison

Joe, Jonathan, & Dante Harrison

“I’m proud of you son.”

Words that I have heard from my father many times. How often have I taken it for granted?

This is especially on my mind as another Father’s Day is approaching. Even more so, now that I am a father myself.

I remember hearing these words from my dad telling me this….

  • When I was part of the basketball team in elementary school
  • When worked hard at school to get good grades
  • When I graduated from High School with honors (and any subsequent graduations)
  • When I got married
  • When we bought our house
  • When we had our son
  • When I share about us paying off our debts
  • And countless other times…

Hearing it so often, it is easy to take for granted. Sometimes I forget, not everyone has a father in their life. And not everyone who has a father, will hear these words. I know my father did not hear these same words from his father. But my father did not let that stop him from telling me.

I know I am blessed, but I also think hearing these words say a lot less about who I am,  and a lot more about who my father is.


Thank you for caring. Thank you for letting me know how proud you are of me. Thank you for being the kind of dad that set an example for me.

I’m proud of you dad. 

I love you – Happy Father’s Day.