Life Changers: Jared Easley – Starve The Doubts

Life Changers: Jared Easley – Starve The Doubts
Jared Easley Jon Harrison Starve the DoubtsJared Easley is a self-described “everyday guy” who is passionate about connecting with others, communicating, leveraging new media & cultivating a community of like-minded citizens. He is married to his amazing wife Rachel & they have a beautiful daughter named Lana, and they live in South Florida. You can listen to his inspiring podcast Starve the Doubts at where he interviews individuals who are creative, unique, interesting & taking action. Recent episodes include:  Pat Flynn, Stu McLaren, Chris Brogan, Michael Hyatt, Jon Acuff, Andy Traub, and Krystyn Chong.
Taking action, pursuing your dream and your passion.
When I was 19 I received some great advice from Gerald Chun, a successful businessman (who is also a family member). I have to tell you, I appreciate it now a lot more than I did at the time.  He told me there are three things that you should do if you want to pursue success:

  1. Always treat people the way they want to be treated
  2. Always do your best
  3. Starve the Doubts

I think the first two need very little explanation, but it is the third point that really stuck with me. “Starve the Doubts” This phrase embodies the importance of taking action – action that can lead to some amazing outcomes. Consider the story of Andy Andrews for example.

Maybe the best way to explain, is to share with you a recent example of this in action.
Earlier in this year, I discovered that Michael Hyatt would be speaking at a private, 3 day conference in Boca Raton, Fl – not far from where I live. When you see private conferences, they are usually specific to an industry or group, and unless you are already part of this association you will not likely be part of the event. I could have let this single fact stop me right there. But I did not let this initial doubt stop me. I asked myself “what if I could get permission to attend, just this one segment of the conference?”
I reached out to the contact on the Association of Finance Technology’s webpage, an individual named Erin Thomas.  In an email I asked if there was any way that I could attend just the segment that Michael Hyatt was presenting. She finally agreed to allow me to attend for a small fee.  Knowing the right person can make all the difference. Erin was able to help me move one step closer to meeting Michael Hyatt in person.
When the date in March finally arrived I was able to check in and meet Erin face to face. She mentioned that another individual had reached out to her in the same way and was attending Michael’s presentation as well.  I scoped out the conference room, and found an open seat up in the front row.  Having arrived early, I took the time to walk around a bit and was able to find the other attendee who also “starved the doubts” to be in the room that day.
After a few minutes of conversation, we noticed that Michael Hyatt was standing off to the side just behind us. We both agreed that now was the time to say a quick hello. We actually had the opportunity to share a very nice conversation with Michael before the presentation began.
The presentation itself was on the topic of SHIFT: Leading in Turbulent Times, and was filled with useful information and invaluable advice for dealing with challenging times we find ourselves.  The lessons were powerful, but the experience was unforgettable, all because I chose to “starve the doubts.”
Of course, starving your doubts does not make them disappear. Sometimes they get even louder, especially at first. At any point a dozen voices could be shouting things like: “Why would this association consider letting you attend,” “What am I doing here,” or “Even if I do make it, I’ll never get the chance to get close enough to meet Michael Hyatt. ” But as time goes on, the doubts weaken. Eventually, it becomes a habit to not feed them to begin with. Now that is a great place to be!
So how can my story help you change your life?

Change Your Day

Dare to ask “What If?” Think about a dream you have, and entertain the possibilities of what could be if you overcame the fears or doubts you had. Picture how your life could be different.  Part of starving the doubts, is first identifying what they are.

Change Your Week

Who or what do you need to know to make this dream a reality? Often a key relationship or piece of information can make all the difference in moving a dream forward. Look at your dream and ask yourself: Do I know anyone who could help make this a reality? What information, if I knew it, would make all the difference in the outcome?

Change Your Life

Take Action – now that you know what your dreams could lead to, and you know who or what will make a difference in accomplishing your goals, it is time to take action! So much of this step is about momentum. Prepare, step out in faith, and then work at it, all the while, starving your doubts. The results will be life changing.