The Worthless Reason I Abandoned a Career For


free hand sketch & Photoshop by Jonathan Harrison

free hand sketch & Photoshop by Jonathan Harrison

All the flowers in the field of hours / Have withered away / And the sky that used to light our lives/ Is ashen grey As the clouds kiss the faultline/ And look back as if to say…/ “There’s nothing to see here…”/ There’s nothing to feel here And our dreams left like children by the wayside…

Lyrics from Seaside, by the Echoing Green

Why did you give up?

Have you even been pursuing a dream or a passion, only to have someone shoot it down?

It can be crushing to give up on a dream. We all have different reasons for why we might call it quits, but the worst reason if giving up because of what others might think.

So what if you they don’t like what you have to say – you may lose a fan, but you’ll keep your dream.

Back in college I had short lived dreams of being a graphic artist. Drawing used to be my number one hobby.  Growing up, every time my family went for a ride in the car, I would take along a clipboard with blank paper and my set of pencils. In the afternoons when my family took their daily nap, I would stay up drawing. In the evening while the family gathered in the living room, I would be drawing, often ignoring the TV just to finish up a sketch.

In high school, I spent almost as much time drawing, and maybe even more time once I discovered Photoshop on the computer. I even placed 1st in the state during my Junior year in the FACCS competition, in the category of Digital Media. While in college, I took a part time job as a graphic artist with a local start up company – but it did not look like I hoped it would. Suddenly my hobby became a hassle. I spent most of my time undoing my vision for a particular project, and redoing things to match my bosses’ ideas. The final product was not as dynamic or as interesting as where I tried to take things. When I would get home, I just felt so discouraged that drawing was the last thing I wanted to do.

So I gave up.

I let the resistance win.

So ended my career in the digital arts.

What dream have you given up, and for what reason? And is it really too late to take up the dream again?