Best June Ever!



Since it is the 1st June I’ve experienced as a blogger, this statement could not be more true.

Time has been flying by, and I want to take a moment to thank a few great folks who have been sharing the ride with me, as well as a few new individuals I have been blessed to meet in the past month.

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Thank Yous

My wife Carmen – for her undying support in all areas of life
My son Dante – for inspiration beyond his understanding

Top Posts for the Month of June

  1. Life Changers: George Marriner Maull – The More We Perceive, The More We Receive
  2. Life Changers: Jared Easley – Starve The Doubts
  3. Life Changers: Rosemary Notarantonio – Fulfillment of the Dream
  4. Actions Speak Louder Than Words
  5. Life Changers: Thomas Rodriguez – Nothing from Nothing is Nothing

Blogging Mentors

Michael Hyatt
Tor Constantino
Chris LoCurto
Joe Lalonde

Inspiration & Support

Jared Easley
Dan Black
Tom Dixon
Adam Rico
Drew Tewell
Alex Barker
Ellory Wells

I have some great things in store for this upcoming month, so stick around, things are going to get interesting!

– Jon D Harrison