Life Changers: Chris LoCurto – What You Do is Not Who You Are

This Edition of Life Changers is adapted from an interview that I was honored to co-host with my good friend Jared Easley – you can listen to the full interview HERE.

Life Changers is a feature on my blog where I ask individuals to answer the question: “What one idea or habit has changed your life?” Leadership Expert Chris LoCurto presents today’s life changing story.

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Chris LoCurto previously worked with Dave Ramsey for over 12 years where he and Dave developed and built EntreLeadership from their shared experiences. Through his company the Poimen Group, Chris is currently leveraging his vast experience, working with businesses one-on-one to help them grow in all areas, all while sharing his heart to grow leaders, entrepreneurs, team members and businesses to be better than they have ever been. Chris has been married to his wife Debbie for 13 years. Chris is also a Formula Race Car driver and skier; You can follow his Blog at, and Twitter at @ChrisLoCurto .

Life Changers: Chris LoCurto – What You Do is Not Who You Are

A life changing idea that I would like to share is the understanding that your business is what you do, not who you are. That has been one of the most impactful lessons that I have learned in my life.

For entrepreneurs and professionals alike, when you are out there working hard, wanting to be successful, and you really enjoy doing what you are doing; sometimes it can become all consuming.

Many of the business that I have been in throughout my life have been like that. I have allowed the work to become all consuming. Even to the point where I’m working every day until 10pm at night, all day Saturday, and Sunday afternoons.

There is nothing wrong with the work itself – it has been worthy, phenomenal work, for a great cause – but it can reach that point where it just consumes everything I am doing.

The problem is that you can fall into this trap, and next thing you know, years have gone by and you find out that you have missed out on life.

And life is pretty important.

But work is just that – it is just what I do for a living. Sure, I pour everything I have into it while I am there, but I must understand that I am also a race car driver, I’m a brother, I’m a son, a follower of Christ, I’m all these other pieces as well, these make up my life.

Don’t miss out on life for the bottom line.

What is Your Investment?

Take a quick look at what you are committing to your business

1. Time

Time is obviously important. Hard work is good and this does take some time, but if you are spending tons and tons of hours at your business, this is not good. I found myself at one company years ago spending 50 hours overtime above the regular workweek – that’s not smart.

You’ve got to take a look at the time, but it not just the time.

2. Emotions

What is the emotional commitment that you are making? Are you becoming so emotionally tied to your business, that can’t make good decisions?

Maybe you are so scared about these work choices, that you get bogged down and are paralyzed in the decision making process because you are overinvested in your wok emotionally?

If you are not careful, you will end up blinkered, just like the horses with blinders on their eyes so that they can only look forward, not realizing that the are missing everything else around them.

A Way Out

If you find yourself in this situation, then you have an important decision to make.

You have to make a commitment to being intentional about what you are going to dedicate to business.

Then, while you are working you give it 100%.

But you also need to start scheduling time for yourself – for growth, for family, for vacations, all these pieces have to happen.

If they don’t, you’ll get years down the road and think “Crud, I’ve missed life, and for what? A paycheck? The bottom line?”

It’s good if you have helped a lot of lives along the way, but where’s your life?

You have to schedule those things into your life, and take care of you as well.

Life Changing Question: How does Chris’ story apply to your life today? What specific action will you take tomorrow to put this lesson into action?