Casual Friday: Life Sized Video Game From Lexus

I thought I would post something about video games in honor of Hiroshi Yamauchi‘s passing yesterday.

Casual Friday: Life Sized Video Game From Lexus
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This is pretty cool. I think this qualifies as starting with “wow.

The director, Alan Bibby provided a philosophical explanation of the sentiment behind this project:

“There’s no roadmap, you have to create the blueprints. This idea of of tracing your own road, taking your own path, of taking risks, of not following the herd.”

Lexus of Italy partnered with Saatchi & Saatchi to create a life sized, interactive video game to promote their new IS Hybrid.

The “players” are seated in the passengers seat and have an iPad on their lap. A goal appears on their screen that corresponds with a projected circle of light on the warehouse floor.

The player then draws a path to checkpoints circle that are projected on the floor for the driver (a professional F1 driver) to follow. The have to pass 7 randomly placed check points in as little time as possible.  Once they reach a checkpoint, the next target appears on their screen. They earn points for speed, and lose points for going off track or missing a checkpoint.

I always dreamed of something like this growing up as a kid. This is the closest I have seen to an effective use of augmented reality.

I also think the new IS from Lexus is a pretty sweet car as well (but I’m also biased, since I own a 2nd gen IS350).

Here is the video spot:

My question for you: How are you tracing your own road, taking your own path, taking risks, and not following the herd?