Is Your Basket Too Full?

Do you ever feel like your basket is too full?

Photo By Jon D Harrison

Photo By Jon D Harrison

Sometimes we get too busy…it happens to the best of us. Basket too full. Schedule maxed out. Not enough hours in the day.

Time Management is helpful, but when you find yourself doing too much, it’s time to prune.


Dr. Henry Cloud gives an excellent analogy using a rose bush.

When a rosebush has too many flowers, all the resources are being used up. This will affect the quality of each and every rose.


The solution?


Prune the good roses.

We do this so that the best can thrive.

It comes down to saying “no” to the good things, so that you can say “Yes” so the great things.

What good things do you need to say “no” to in your life?

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