Are You Timeless? Wisdom From Dr. Seuss

Wisdom from Dr Seuss

That Thing

That Thing



Thing thing, what is that thing?

Thing sing, that thing can sing

Song long, a long, long song

Goodbye thing, you sing too long

Dr. Seuss is brilliant.

I love this particular section of “Hop on Pop

The reader is introduced to a thing. 

We discover that the thing can sing

We learned that the thing’s song is longer than we expected

We move on because that silly thing is now wasting our time. 

There is a great lesson here: sometimes something new or novel catches our eyes – but that does not mean it has staying power.

Consider all the fads out there, all the things that come and go. There is greater value in being timeless.

What about you is timeless?

I used to have a mullet. Thank God that was not a timeless part of me.

What types of things are timeless?

Attributes like:


Personal accountability


Doing the right thing

Stopping to listen

These are all attributes that we can hold on to. Qualities that truly are timeless.

What are you doing to cultivate timeless qualities in your life?