What I Am Reading Now – October Edition


Wow – October is already here! I cannot believe how fast this month (year) is moving a long. I hope your year has been as awesome as mine (but admittedly, mine has been pretty awesome thanks to my wife, son, and the many new friends I’ve gained this year.)

October’s Reading List (Red & White Cover Edition)

Like September, this month has been especially busy and my reading list is less ambitious than previous months. This month’s short list includes a classic, a new favorite, a book that was a (special to me) gift, and an excellent, free ebook that you will want to go pick up as soon as you are done reading this post.

I love physical books

I’ll try to keep myself from going off the deep end in a rant here, but I love physical books. I have read a few digital books (in fact I’m writing one now!) but there is something special about the experience of reading through a hardcover/paperback book.

Three bonus reasons: the batteries never die (there are none), new, and old, books have a unique smell. (No, I’m not a strange book sniffer or some deranged individual. In fact, go check out a book you have, and you’ll understand what I’m saying), and reason number three: signed hardcopy books are awesome.


Why I also love digital books

With digital books, I love being able to access many different writings without lugging around a backpack stuffed with heavy volumes. I like being able to use a search function, as well as a digital bookmark. When my son was very little, I enjoyed being able to read a digital book while he slept on my shoulder (don’t worry, I also enjoyed the moment as well!)

I’ve noticed that many of my books have a story about why I chose to read the book, how I received the book, or even an association to something happening in my life during the time I was reading the book.

So here is my October reading list

The Leadership Challenge: How to Make Extraordinary Things Happen in Organizations (J-B Leadership Challenge: Kouzes/Posner)

This is a classic leadership manual that covers: What leadership really is, how to challenge the process, inspiring a shared vision, enabling others to act, modeling the way, encouraging the heart (also the title of a spin off book, on recognition) – and how to be a leader who cares and makes a difference.
I forgot how good this book really is – if you are in leadership, you owe it to yourself to check this book out. If you have read it before, go back a read again.

Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World by Michael Hyatt

This book has been an amazing tool for me, I picked this up early in the year and I cannot recommend this resource enough. If you have anything to say or sell, you need to get noticed. You need a platform to separate you from the rest of the noise that is about there. Platform by Michael Hyatt is the most accessible and practical way do start doing this today. This book is a huge influence on me, and why you are able to read what I am writing today.

Parenting the QBQ Way, Expanded Edition: How to be an Outstanding Parent and Raise Great Kids Using the Power of Personal Accountability by John G. Miller & Karen G. Miller

How often have you heard (or said) complaints like these? “Why don’t my kids do what I say?”,“Who made the mess in here?”, “When will my teen make better choices?”

“These are the kinds of questions that parents ask that lead not only to complaining, but to victim thinking, procrastination, and blaming. The solution: Learn to parent the QBQ way – and bring personal accountability to life within our families.”

I could not say it any better than that – this book is awesome, encouraging, and empowering for parent with children of all ages. I have enjoyed reading several of John G. Miller’s other books, and even had the pleasure of hearing him speak live at a recent event (in fact, this copy of the book was actually handed to me by John himself – see what I mean about books having personal stories?).

You can read more about him in my Life Changers segment HERE.

Leadership is Dangerous by Joe Lalonde

Don’t miss the great eBook about leadership – it is an excellent resource to those contemplating formal leadership as well those new to leadership roles.

You can currently pick up a copy for free from Joe’s webite:


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What book do you have a memorable story about?

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