Life Changers: Joy Berry – Children are More Than Just Buns Baking in the Oven

 Life Changers is a feature on my blog where I ask individuals to answer the question: “What one idea or habit has changed your life?” Today’s Life Changer is especially near to my heart, as she was the inspiration for my own life changing story I originally shared HERE. You can imagine how honored I am that she accepted my request to answer this question for herself!

Joy Wilt Berry Life Changers Jon D HarrisonJoy Wilt Berry is an author and child development specialist, with over 250 self-help books for kids, selling over 85 million copies. Joy is known as the “Inventor of Self-Help Books for Kids.” Her goal was to provide step-by-step, easy to understand information that could help kids become responsible for themselves, responsible in their relationship with others, and responsible in the way in which they relate to their environment. You can find out more her and her books by visiting

Here’s the idea that changed my life: Children are not like “buns baking in the oven.”

Instead, from the very beginning they are fully functioning human beings. For example they have the capacity to feel every emotion that adults feel.

However, they need to be taught how to handle those feelings in positive instead of negative ways.

That understanding radically changed the way in which I relate to children. It also formed the basis for my work which focuses on teaching children and young people the Living Skills they need to assume responsibility for:

(1) themselves;

(2) for the way in which they relate to others, and;

(3) for the way they relate to their environments.

For those of you who are parents, I wholeheartedly recommend Joy Berry’s books – they made a huge impression on me, and I cannot wait to pass that on to my son.

What lessons did you learn from books while growing up?

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