What’s Unique About This Christmas Display? A DeLorean Time Machine, To Start With

jon d harrison christmas lights.jpg

Every neighborhood has one – you know, “that guy” who really gets into the Christmas decorating spirit.

Each year, their display grows a bit more elaborate, and it will sometimes include a unique idea or feature that is just hard to top (if you are reckless enough to try to compete).

I think it is safe the say that Mr. Rick Newman has yet again secured his spot in the unbeatable Christmas light display.

But here is the best part – it’s not all about him. Unlike Danny DeVito and Matthew Broderick in that insipid “movie” “Deck the Halls” (I can’t believe I sat through most of that. I can’t believe I am publically admitting I did, either), Newman is not out to impress everyone without a cause. At the very popular display, donations are collected for the Make A Wish Foundation of Southern Florida .

From November 28th to December 31st, you can visit Rick Newman’s home and check out an incredible display of more than 25,000 lights, lasers, and other effects that are all programmed and synchronized to a music playlist lasting an hour.

And if you are just driving by, you can listen to the music on your car’s radio by tuning into a FM channel that Newman has playing the same playlist!

There’s also a snow machine, which is a pretty big deal to us Floridians, since we are averaging about 77-85 degrees lately.

Newman – who also owns a robot collection that is the “Worlds Largest” and has been featured in several international publications – also has a special treat this year.

The DeLorean.

The DeLorean Time Machine.

From Back to the Future.

Here are a few pictures I took of the legendary time-traveling vehicle.





You can find out more about the display and Rick Newman on his website http://hightechscience.org/

It may not include a time traveling DeLorean, but what fun or one-of-a-kind Christmas light displays are in your neighborhood?