Casual Friday: Final Fantasy – Distant Worlds Miami, FL Review

final fantasy distant worlds miami jon d harrison

Here’s my video review of Distant Worlds Miami, as well as some thoughts on dress code!

Here is the playlist from the Distant Worlds Miami performance:

From FF 1-3 Medley, ff 1-3
Victory theme
Man with the Machine gun ff 8
Melodies of life ff 9
Battle with the four fiends ff4
Aerith’s theme ff 7
Don’t be afraid
Phantom forest ff6
Kiss me goodbye ff9
Chocobo theme


Opening bombing mission ff7
Dark World ff6
Blinded by light ff13
Eyes on me ff8
You’re not alone (not alone) ff9
Zanarkand ff 10
Ronfaure ff 11
Main Theme ff5
Battle Medley ff5, 10, 7
Final Fantasy Main Theme / Prologue
One Winged Angel ff7

Do you think video games qualify as art? Let me know your thoughts below!