Life Changers: John Pullum – Show Others You Care

Life Changers is a feature where I ask individuals to answer the question: “What is an idea or habit that has changed your life?” Here is how speaker, entertainer, author and TV Host John Pullum answered the question.

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john Pullum  jon d harrisonSpeaker, Entertainer, and Author John Pullum was host of the Discovery Channel’s series More Than Human, Thrill Rides: Put to The Test, and also appeared on Unsolved History and More Science of Magic as their hypnosis/mind reading expert. Known for motivational presentations that are 100% clean & involve a lot of audience participation, John has worked with an impressive list of clients that include: 3M, Ford Motor Company, University of Notre Dame, Nestle, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, MTV and many more. His educational background includes hypnosis, television and radio broadcasting, improv comedy, theater and marketing. John has combined all his educational training and performance into his motivational, educational seminars. To find out more check out his website –, YouTube Channel , and connect on Twitter.


Showing people you care does wonders.

Asking how they are and showing an interest in them makes them happy and makes you happy, too.

When you are at a store checkout and the worker asks how you are, reply and ask how they are. They’ll usually seem really surprised and happy you asked! Even ask them if they don’t ask you. Most people only care about themselves and don’t ask how others are in return.

When you show someone you care about them, their attitude changes and you usually get better service, too.

It’s a win / win.

When they ask me how I am I usually respond “Other than having a bad hair day, I’m doing GREAT!”

Since I’m bald this always gets a laugh. I then tell them how nice their hair is and ask how they are. A compliment always goes a long way, too. I’ve had people thank me and tell me they haven’t laughed in a long time and how they really needed that.

That makes their day and mine. I laugh all the time and can’t imagine a life without laughter and happiness.

Making people smile and happy is the way to their heart.

It’s not really a new small idea or habit, but one I think society is forgetting a bit. By the way … How are you?

How will you use John’s idea to change YOUR life?